Rebuilding Home Update October

On August 14th, 2021, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Haiti causing severe damage, devastation, and destruction in the southwestern parts of our beautiful country. Following in the wake of this natural disaster, the community came together to regroup and rebuild. Working hand in hand with local communities, Hands and Feet Project helped out in the … Read more

Circle of Care: Emotional Care

Our team of caregivers and the standard of excellence we strive for is affectionately called our “Circle of Care” (COC). The Circle of Care is at the heart of how we serve in Haiti. The COC approach is used to ensure the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Educational well-being of every child, adolescent, young adult, and … Read more

College Scholarship Fund – Mercidieu

When a student is awarded a scholarship from Hands and Feet Project’s College Scholarship Fund, it is momentous accomplishment. The application process is rigorous and requires the students to dig deep into their past experiences and future aspirations. Each applicant answers four essay questions about themselves, their accomplishments, their motivations, and their goals. Take a look at a couple of … Read more

Christmas Wishlist Announcement

It’s never too early to begin thinking about Christmas! The lights, the family time, the food, and of course the gifts! We are very ready for the holiday season at Hands and Feet Project, and we want you to get excited too. Be on the lookout for our Amazon Christmas Wishlist which will be releasing … Read more

September Newsletter: Village Values

  Hi friend, What are Village Values? — Village Values are core values. At each Children’s Village, we are committed to encourage and equip our children and young adults to embrace Hands and Feet Project’s core values of Love, Honesty, Obedience, and Responsibility with ongoing teaching, intentional activities, and through celebration of exceptional behavior at our yearly Village Values event.   Highlights from … Read more

College Scholarship Fund- Marvensky

Hi friend, With your support, Hands and Feet Project provides our College Scholarship Fund students with the educational opportunity to experience great personal growth as they pursue a university education.  Our hope is that this experience will open a number of doors in the future. This education will impact their families, and in turn, their … Read more

Earthquake Update Part 2

As the rescue and relief efforts move from crisis to community rebuilding, here is a summary of our efforts throughout the relief process:            -We secured and distributed 19,676 pounds of food and supplies           -Collaborated with 13 other organizations           -Secured 11 flights to impacted communities           -Worked alongside hundreds of volunteers from the community and the church … Read more

Earthquake Update

Since an earthquake rocked Haiti over two weeks ago, we are blessed to have received an amazing outpouring of connections, support, and resources. Hands and Feet Project Executive Director Andrea McGinniss provided us with an update on how Hands and Feet Project is fairing, and all that our team in Haiti is doing to help … Read more

Fixer Upper Update

When we began the Fixer Upper: Haiti Edition campaign this past spring, we set a goal of $48,000. Our goal was drastically surpassed thanks to the aid of our outstanding partners who raised $63,215! These funds have been put towards replacing the front and back chakouns (outdoor pavilions), painting updates, fun murals and much needed furniture replacements. Articles of furniture and linens that have been purchased, ordered, and delivered (or out for delivery), include:

Read more

Hands and Feet Project: Internships

  Hi friend, Over the last month, there have been many events that have transpired in Haiti, from natural disasters to continued political unrest. By the grace of God, even in the midst of strife, there is much to celebrate as well, starting with our interns! Hands and Feet Project interns bring an energy to campus … Read more