Meet Rood: A Story of Resilience, Hope, and Transformation

Unanimously known around campus for his kind heart, easygoing nature, and perpetual smile, Rood is an integral part of our family. Alongside his twin brother Roodly, he’s recognized for his cheerful and responsible demeanor, whether helping their caregivers around the house or looking after the younger children. Now seventeen years old, Rood continues to grow, living each day with joy, and serving as a testament to the impact created by our dedicated group of sponsors. But his story did not begin this way.

The Early Struggles

After the death of their mother, Rood and Roodly’s father found himself alone, struggling to care for his 3 ½-month-old sons. Unable to provide the necessary care, he sought help and ultimately surrendered the boys to the Haitian social services agency IBESR. This decision led to Rood and Roodly being placed in the care of the Hands & Feet Project.

When they first arrived, both boys were suffering from extreme malnourishment. Our team hoped that with proper nutrition, they would quickly begin to recover their health. However, it became apparent within just one day that their condition was more severe than anticipated. Recognizing the urgency, our team swiftly sought out a local hospital that could provide the critical care they needed. Rood and Roodly were admitted immediately, and after a week of close medical supervision, they began to show signs of improvement. Although Rood was not completely out of danger, there was a glimmer of hope. As their doctor observed upon their discharge,Rood fought to stay alive, so hopefully he has that fight in him to go on.”

A Journey of Healing and Growth

By the grace of God, and through the multifaceted support of the Hands & Feet Project and the generosity of donors like you, the doctor’s words rang true. Our Circle of Care provided a nurturing and safe environment that enabled Rood not only to fight to survive but to flourish beyond all expectations. At our Children’s Village, he received the comprehensive support needed to heal and grow, from proper nutrition and medical care to education and spiritual leadership. Under these new conditions, he transformed into a healthy little boy and, eventually, into the remarkable young man we know today.

A Campus Role Model

Today, Rood stands as a role model on campus. He is a hardworking student and the designated soccer match announcer, bringing enthusiasm and joy to every game. His warm personality makes him a friend to all, from the oldest to the youngest, and his willingness to help with any project is unwavering. Alongside his brother Roodly, Rood’s smile brightens the day for everyone he encounters.

Rood’s transformation from a malnourished infant to a healthy teenager exemplifies the miraculous changes we witness in the lives of the children we serve. His journey is a powerful reminder of the heart of God, who brings redemption and healing to even the most dire of circumstances. It also highlights the critical role of our supporters in this mission, inviting each of us to extend love and care to the vulnerable around us.


A Testament to Generosity and Faith

As we watch Rood continue to grow and thrive, we are deeply grateful for the generosity of our supporters and the goodness of God. Rood’s story is a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together to support those in need. His resilience and transformation inspire us to keep fighting alongside the vulnerable and to remain steadfast in our mission.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. Together, we are making a profound impact on the lives of children like Rood, ensuring they have the opportunity to grow into the people they were meant to be.