Due to high food prices, natural disasters, and worsening civil insecurity - about 4.9 million people are estimated to face severe acute food insecurity; the result of sustained economic downturn, reducing domestic food production, elevated food prices, fuel shortage and frequent natural disasters; the situation is exacerbated by worsening insecurity, which has limited access to essential services, including markets, caused population displacements and hampered delivery of humanitarian assistance.

― The World Factbook (cia.gov)
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While we prayerfully hope individuals, businesses, and churches can come together to cover these costs, anything you can give helps us advance our mission to serve the people of Haiti.


$100 per Classroom
  • By sponsoring a classroom for $100 a month, you play a part in opening up one more classroom in another community in Haiti.


$50 per Family
  • By sponsoring a family for $50 a month, you play a part in extending our comprehensive care to one more family in Haiti.


$35 per Child
  • By sponsoring a child for $35 a month, you play a part in helping us provide comprehensive care for a child at one of our Children's Villages.
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Through our Circle of Care (COC), a comprehensive model, we strive to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of every child and family under our care. This model has set a standard of excellence for our teams as we approach all aspects of our work and strive to live out our mission.



Physical Care: Children are provided a nutritious meal each day while attending LHDC.  Each student has access to our Hands & Feet Project nursing staff, while on site in Jacmel.  Hands & Feet Project will evaluate medical needs as requested and will pay no more than 50% of medical bills for families in Little Hands Daycare (unless evaluated for exceptions).

Emotional Care: H&FP will provide resources/tools as deemed necessary based on assessments for emotional care. (Healthy Attachment, Trauma, etc)

Education Care: Each student has access to qualified, trained teaching staff.  Curriculum is curated to the culture and the education system of Haiti, while using Montessori based teaching.  

Spiritual Care: Faith based curriculum is integrated into the daily lessons, as well as worship and prayer.



Physical Care: Food support equivalent to 1 meal per day, per child in the family this is provided either through manna packs or packaged rice/bean meals from campus. Meals are delivered to families at the beginning of each month. H&FP evaluates medical needs as requested and will pay no more than 50% of medical bills for families in Stronger Together Programming.

Emotional Care: Hands & Feet Project will provide resources/tools as deemed necessary based on assessments for emotional care. (Healthy Attachment, Trauma, etc)

Education Care: Hands & Feet Project covers tuition, paying it directly to the schools, education agreement must be fulfilled out by parents or they risk losing support. The families attend the Back to School Fair, which is an opportunity for families to purchase discounted items. Hands & Feet Project pays for the children's uniforms. Uniforms are defined as: Tops, Pants, and Shoes.

Spiritual Care: Pastor(s) will visit families on a regular rotation to pray for them and help encourage their spiritual growth. Children are invited to attend Vacation Bible School on our Children's Villages campuses.



Emotional Care: Emotional needs are met through: family style care, safe & nurturing environments, promotions of healthy attachments, ongoing assessments of care, regular caregiver training, and counseling and clinical services.

Physical Care: Physical needs are met through: clean water, nutrition, ongoing medical & dental care, dignified private spaces, safe homes, health education and training.

Educational Care: Educational needs are met through: private Christian schooling, English classes, year-round tutoring, vocational skills training, transitional living programs, and individualized education plans.

Spiritual Care: Spiritual needs are met through: local church family, village worship, Bible training, faith-based curriculum, Vacation Bible School, Christ-centered care, discipleship, bibles, age appropriate small groups, and church camp.  To children without families, the gospel provides what they no longer have. They can be confident that God sees them and knows them.

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"If you have never sponsored a child or a family, I encourage you to do that!  It is so fun and such a blessing to watch them grow and change and step into their identity in Christ!"

-Lori Jacques, Sponsor

“We are very thankful for the aid Hands & Feet Project is providing to the country to help look after our children; this really helps the kids because the support they get here compared to elsewhere is totally different.

-Classroom Parent  

 “I did not come to abandon my children, I love them too much to do that. Thank you for fighting for me." 

-Magdala, Family Parent 

"My heart beats to see the children and families in Haiti learn and grow in the grace, hope, and knowledge of Jesus Christ."

-Patti Bearden, Sponsor

 “I want to first thank God, then the Hands & Feet Project for your great work. We really love it here so much! My son is learning how to pray. He says to me, "Daddy, I'll pray for you." Then he closes his eyes, and even though I don't hear all that he is saying, he says, "To be God the glory," and then he goes to sleep.”

-Classroom Parent 

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