A Young Woman’s Journey from Residential Facility to Her Community

For the past 20 years, the story of the Hands & Feet Project has often been synonymous with the story of our first little girl, Tamara. From the moment she joined our Children’s Village, she grew and developed alongside our mission, her timeline intricately woven with ours. It’s been both a privilege and a blessing to care for her, serve her, and watch her blossom into the young woman she is today. Now, as we prepare for her departure from our nest, we are filled with a mix of excitement and bittersweet emotions.

From the Shelter to the Community

Tamara’s path to independence began when she left our Children’s Village to spend a season with our pastor’s family. This period served as an essential bridge between the only home she’d known and the more independent life she was about to step into. One of the most challenging aspects of caring for orphaned and abandoned children worldwide is ensuring a successful navigation through this fragile season. Outside the shelter of our family units, there is less supervision, protection, and provision. That means more responsibility, risks, and challenges, but also opportunities.

The Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

The road ahead for Tamara will undoubtedly be filled with ups and downs. She will face new responsibilities, encounter risks, and overcome challenges that she never had to deal with within the safe confines of our Children’s Village. However, this new chapter also comes with numerous opportunities for growth, learning, and the chance to build a life of her own.

Our team has worked diligently to prepare Tamara for this transition. We have imparted essential life skills, offered emotional support, and provided guidance to ensure that she is well-equipped to handle the challenges of reintegrating into the community. We trust in her abilities and are confident that she possesses the skills necessary to be successful.

A Call to Prayer and Support

In the coming months, as Tamara steps out on her own, we are both excited and prayerful. The transition from a residential facility to independent living is a significant milestone, not just for Tamara but for everyone involved in her journey. We invite you, our friends, to join us in supporting Tamara through this critical period through prayer.

  1. Pray for Tamara’s strength, courage, and wisdom as she navigates her new environment.
  2. Seek God’s guidance for our team and Tamara’s support network as we offer wisdom and guidance from a new distance.


Tamara’s journey from our Children’s Village to independent living is a testament to the strength, faith, and support of our friends who give so generously to help us walk out this call the care for the vulnerable. We are honored to have been part of Tamara’s life and look forward to seeing her thrive in her new chapter.

Thank you for being a part of our mission and for helping us make a difference, one child at a time.

Sincerest gratitude,