Meet Rood: A Story of Resilience, Hope, and Transformation

Unanimously known around campus for his kind heart, easygoing nature, and perpetual smile, Rood is an integral part of our family. Alongside his twin brother Roodly, he’s recognized for his cheerful and responsible demeanor, whether helping their caregivers around the house or looking after the younger children. Now seventeen years old, Rood continues to grow, … Read more

Sadness, Honor, and Respect: Tears Fall on Our Soil

Sadness, honor, and respect as tears fall on our soil. The ongoing conflict in Haiti has profoundly affected us, with Thursday night’s tragic news underscoring the brutal reality many face. Judes Montis, a long-standing Haitian Director for Missions, and Davy and Natalie Lloyd, the founders’ son and daughter-in-law, fell victim to gang violence. Instead of … Read more

Empowering Young Adults: A Workshop Training Recap

In Grand Goave, Haiti, a pivotal event recently took place. Aimed at addressing the unique challenges young adults face in their journey toward adulthood, the workshop focused on three vital aspects: communication, self-esteem, and independence. Organized with meticulous planning and executed with passion, this event proved to be a source of inspiration and hope for … Read more

Night to Shine Event: Celebrating Haiti’s Special Needs Community

In a world where accessibility for special needs individuals is still a distant dream in many places, Haiti stands out as an example of the challenges faced by this community. Basic accommodations like ramps and wide doorways are scarce, let alone access to medical care, equipment, or educational opportunities. In a country where empathy and … Read more

Meet the Helda Family

The Helda family faced immense vulnerability and struggled to care for their children and provide them with access to education and adequate medical support.  Djenicka had been using a wheelchair that was too big for her and was broken. We had the privilege of delivering Djenicka, the eldest, a much-needed wheelchair. The family was very … Read more

Ignite Their Future Impact: Back-to-School Fair

Education is a cornerstone of empowerment, offering life-changing opportunities to individuals and communities. In Haiti, where access to education is not easily accessible or free, the journey toward learning is often laden with challenges. The need for tuition fees, essential school supplies, and specific uniforms can pose significant barriers for children aspiring to receive an … Read more

Colon’s Journey with Haiti Made: From Student to Manager

In 2023, while still attending school, I embarked on a journey that would not only shape my career but also my perspective on work, teamwork, and dedication. That journey began when I started working part-time for Haiti Made. Today, as a manager at this remarkable organization, I want to share what working for Haiti Made … Read more

A Journey of Hope and Determination: A Scholarship Recipient’s Story in Haiti

In a world where access to education is often taken for granted, some individuals defy the odds, demonstrating unwavering determination and resilience. Meet one such individual from Haiti, Valencia, a college scholarship recipient who shares her inspiring journey toward higher education. Through a series of questions and answers, we delve into her experiences and aspirations. … Read more