☀️ It takes a Village to care for each child | May

At Hands & Feet Project, we are very clear about the purpose of our Child Sponsorship Program. Through the generosity of faithful sponsors, we provide holistic, residential care for vulnerable children in Haiti. Our Residential Care Program is growing. This is always a bittersweet topic for the Hands & Feet Project family. We lament the … Read more

We Love Our Churches

Each time we have an opportunity to gather with our partner churches, we are reminded of the tremendous amount of love we have for each other. One-by-one, each church is supporting our mission and responding to the call to serve. Our partners sponsor children and daycares, support our missionaries, and so much more. Prayer and … Read more

Meet Carys

Meet Carys, a member of our Hands & Feet Project family. In our Q&A, learn how she first connected with our mission and how she will use her photography skills in her new role. Carys is excited to share stories of triumph through images, videos, and social media posts.  How did you first get connected … Read more

What is The Village?

It’s been said, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Isn’t that the truth? We were never meant to do this alone. We need each other. We need our Village.   We recently launched The Village, our community of monthly partners following God’s call to be the hands and feet of Christ fighting for … Read more

Meet Darbens

God has allowed us to care for and serve incredible children and families. Each day, we see God’s hand in their perseverance, and through the possibilities in their lives that only He can provide. We are excited to share how God has moved in Darbens’ life. We are blessed to share the journey with him. … Read more

☀️ Can You See Beauty in the Ashes? | April

Social media and the news are full of negativity about Haiti. It is easy to get wrapped up in the stories and headlines, but choosing to focus on just the negative while not searching for goodness and hope is simply not honoring to the country of Haiti. Please take a few minutes to read what our … Read more

State Department Highlights

The U.S. Department of State recently published its newest report on human rights practices in Haiti. We would like to share an update and thank you for your prayers and partnership in our work as we operate and serve in the country of Haiti.  Institutionalized Children The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor’s Institute of … Read more

Easter on Campus

We celebrate that Jesus is our risen Savior every day, but Easter is always a special time for our Hands & Feet Project family. This past Easter, after our children came back from church with their caregivers, we had an afternoon Easter service on campus. The time was filled with praise, prayer, and the preached … Read more

☀️ Easter in Haiti

Just like other Christians around the globe, we are looking forward to Easter weekend! Our Hands & Feet Project family has intentional Easter traditions, so we would like to take this month to walk you through what Easter looks like at our Children’s Villages. On Good Friday, we begin our traditions by talking with the … Read more

Speaking Engagements

We are excited to announce that Hands & Feet Project is beginning to do speaking engagements again! Our staff, board of directors, and founders would love to speak at your church, university, retreat, business, or conference.  Below is more information about Hands & Feet Project:  Hands & Feet Project was founded by the Christian music … Read more