September Newsletter: Village Values


Hi friend,

What are Village Values? — Village Values are core values. At each Children’s Village, we are committed to encourage and equip our children and young adults to embrace Hands and Feet Project’s core values of LoveHonestyObedience, and Responsibility with ongoing teaching, intentional activities, and through celebration of exceptional behavior at our yearly Village Values event.


Highlights from this Year’s Village Values Celebration:

THE FOUR STATIONS: There were four “stations,” each focused on one of the four values, and everyone had SO much fun exploring them! Some of the stations had our staff and kids crying out of laughter…literally! The “Love Station” had crazy food concoctions that the kids either “loved or hated.” One of which included pickles which the kids definitely did not love!

The “Obedience Station” was a blindfolded game where they had to “obey” the voice of a caller to find the large puzzle pieces in the yard. It was hilarious to see the older boys going in circles trying to find the boxes. The “Responsibility Station” was a relay race of minute-it-to-win-it games. The “Honesty Station” was a funny trivia game of “true or not true,” and the team that lost got water ballooned.

THE CONCERT: Our kids practiced for weeks leading up to the event on dances and original music. Sheevens taught three groups of the younger boys choreographed dances for the concert and they did a great job performing in front of everyone! Isaac, Robenson, Sheevens, and Ti Paul had original music that they recorded in the studio and performed.




Reflections from the staff: 

“I think something that is cool is that Village Values feels like a family event. There is a lot of preparation put in by staff leading up to the event, and once everyone is together it feels like a family reunion. It’s crazy and a little chaotic, yet so much fun and filled with joy!” – Rachel

“A couple of highlights for me were seeing the older ones coming together to help where needed. Hearing and seeing the laughter from everyone is enough to melt your heart.” – Michelle