Earthquake Update Part 2

As the rescue and relief efforts move from crisis to community rebuilding, here is a summary of our efforts throughout the relief process: 

          -We secured and distributed 19,676 pounds of food and supplies

          -Collaborated with 13 other organizations

          -Secured 11 flights to impacted communities

          -Worked alongside hundreds of volunteers from the community and the church

          -Provided temporary shelters for 228 families

          -Delivered 850 articles of clothing to patients transferred to Port Au Prince hospitals. 

While there is still much to do and accomplish, Hands and Feet Project has been so blessed to work with and provide support to the resilient communities of Haiti throughout this rebuilding process. The outpouring of support from others has been a blessing as well. We continue to ask for our prayers as we transition from a state of crisis to a state of recovery.