College Scholarship Fund – Lessons from the Workplace

An important part of our young adults growing into personal independence  and community interdependence happens in the workplace. We strive to give them the experience they need to learn, grow, and be prepared for work outside of Hands and Feet Project. One way we do that is through our internships.

We start encouraging responsibility with household chores. As they grow and show increased responsibility, they earn the chance to do small jobs on and around our Children’s Villages. Later, if given the opportunity, they earn internships with our staff. Internships are where our kids learn to dress appropriately for the job, wake up and get to work on time (or earlier), be respectful to employers and coworkers, communicate to leadership about delays and conflicts with their schedules, work on assigned tasks joyfully and willingly, and take instruction and criticism honorably.

We have had three students interning this summer and fall: Marvensky, Jean Paulo, and Joel.

Marvensky, who is studying business and leadership, has been working full-time in Jacmel while his school is on break. He helps Eloge, our bookkeeper, with financial reviews, record keeping, receipting, and more. He helps our administrative team with inventory, data management, and operational assistance. As one of our oldest in Jacmel at Hands and Feet Project, he is a leader and mentor on campus.  He is a voice of reason, comfort and fortitude.  He is always leading conflict resolution and open conversations.

Jean Paulo, who wants to be a psychologist, has been working with Guyteau, our lead social worker. Jean Paulo has been working as Guyteau’s long time assistant. He recently went to Grand Goave to work with our Child and Family Advocates on each young adults’ Individual Service Plans. He interviewed our team, each young adult in our programming, and their resident advisor.  He wrote up a report for each individual and submitted it to leadership.

Joel, who is studying business, has also been working in Jacmel full-time while on break. Anyone who knows Joel knows he is passionate about his education. He has been assisting Eliezer Joseph, our Education Advocate, with preparing for the current school year. He met with each school that our children in Jacmel attend, helped with registration, prepared all the school supplies and backpacks, and has been helping with our daily study tables. He has done an amazing job!

We are so excited to continue to see what the future holds for Marvensky, Jean Paulo, and Joel. Their motivation, hard work, and dedication shows us that the goals in both their personal and professional lives will be achieved. Not only are they making a difference each day, they are leaving a generational impact.