College Scholarship Fund – Mercidieu

When a student is awarded a scholarship from Hands and Feet Project’s College Scholarship Fund, it is momentous accomplishment. The application process is rigorous and requires the students to dig deep into their past experiences and future aspirations. Each applicant answers four essay questions about themselves, their accomplishments, their motivations, and their goals.

Take a look at a couple of the essays written by Mercidieu Alexis, one of this year’s applicants. We hope you will be as encouraged and inspired as we were by Mercidieu’s kindness, motivation, and perseverance!

Tell us about a time you overcame a challenge. How did you overcome it?

When I was in tenth grade, it was tough to keep my grades up. I had struggled with most of my classes, and if it stayed like that, I knew I would not pass those classes. I spoke to one of my closest friends, and she asked me some questions about what was going on in my life and why I was not keeping up with my school work. After this conversation, I decided to start working harder and give my very best. When I would feel discouraged, my friend was there to cheer me up. Finding that support truly helped me get back on track, and I learned that hard work really does pay off.

Since that time, I have made the decision that I will work hard and never give up. Every day there is something new coming out in the computer field, and I know that becoming an information technologist will be a lot of hard work. I understand the path ahead of me will be complicated; however, I believe I have the work ethic and support to overcome my challenges and accomplish my dreams.


What field are you planning on studying in and why? What role do you see yourself playing in that field? How will you impact your community with your job in your chosen field? 

I plan to pursue a degree in Computer Science, more specifically, Information Technology (I.T), with a long-term goal to pursue a degree in Cyber Security. I will gain knowledge of operating systems, maintaining information databases, problem-solving, and creating reports. Additionally, I can help anyone who has any related questions about technology when they arise. As an Information Technologist, I will help small businesses and companies in Haiti by addressing their computer software and maintenance needs. Information Technologists must stay up to date with the latest technologies and must have the ability to understand and analyze complicated business and technical concepts. By obtaining additional education in Cyber Security in the future, I will also learn to secure data on personal devices and computer systems. In today’s world, Computer Science will always be needed and will continue to progress. It is a position that will be very useful in Haiti as it will allow me to help small businesses to expand and operate at their potential. Finally, learning this skill will allow me to train others to do the basic skills so they too can earn a living. I look forward to being equipped to impact my community through the skills and knowledge I hope to learn in the future.

Mercidieu is a role model. He is strong. He is devoted. His genuinity and ferocity to fulfill his goals shine brightly through his words. The College Scholarship Fund is for students like Mercidieu who are hungry for knowledge. Individuals who see that there is change to accomplish in the world. This fund provides the kids chasing change with not just the means, but the confidence to continue to pursue their dreams to achieve their goals. When they achieve their goals, they will impact the future.