College Scholarship Fund- Marvensky

Hi friend,

With your support, Hands and Feet Project provides our College Scholarship Fund students with the educational opportunity to experience great personal growth as they pursue a university education.  Our hope is that this experience will open a number of doors in the future. This education will impact their families, and in turn, their communities, which ultimately impacts the nation of Haiti. You play a huge role in ensuring such an opportunity: thank you!

Marvensky Kerr is one student who was awarded a scholarship for the upcoming school year – all because of your support! This is Marvensky’s second year receiving a scholarship from the College Scholarship Fund as he pursues a degree in Business Administration and Leadership. Watch Marvensky’s message below as he shares more about his experience, goals, daily life, and class life.



We are so excited to continue to see Marvensky thrive in this environment, and we are looking forward to seeing where he will go from here. The future holds many opportunities for bright young men and women like Marvensky. He is motivated, and he is ready to go after what he needs to reach his goals in both his professional and personal life. We are eager to watch him continue to embrace every opportunity with his arms wide open!


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