Hands and Feet Project: Internships


Hi friend,

Over the last month, there have been many events that have transpired in Haiti, from natural disasters to continued political unrest. By the grace of God, even in the midst of strife, there is much to celebrate as well, starting with our interns!

Hands and Feet Project interns bring an energy to campus that brightens the day of everyone around them. Not only do they bring joy to children and staff alike, but they also perform tasks that often get overlooked. While some tasks may seem small, such as scanning files and doing inventory, they are all crucial to making sure everything is running properly and efficiently.

When they are not helping with these odd-end jobs, they are running weekly activities for the children. Interns bring so much energy to the campus and entertain the children through a variety of activities, but especially through playing endless amounts of soccer. They are such a blessing to campus in everything they partake, whether big or small.

This summer, we have had the honor of getting to know three interns: Carys Stogdill from Tampa, Florida, Elle DeCoe from Hickory, North Carolina, and Lucas Jibben from Fort Worth, Texas.

All of the interns were a great help this summer, and they each have specific gifts that met a wide variety of needs. Lucas helped with finances, reporting, and scanning projects. Carys focused on photography and captured every event we had! She also aided in creating videos, portraits, and family preservation photos which are used in sponsor updates.

Elle helped with planning activities and decorations for a variety of events, but also sat in on child assessments to learn from our HAFP social workers.

If you know anyone that has lots of energy, creativity, and smiles to give, we would love to get to know them!

We offer internships year-round and they might be just who we need. For more information, head to our volunteer page here, or fill out an intern application linked here!