Fixer Upper Update

When we began the Fixer Upper: Haiti Edition campaign this past spring, we set a goal of $48,000. Our goal was drastically surpassed thanks to the aid of our outstanding partners who raised $63,215! These funds have been put towards replacing the front and back chakouns (outdoor pavilions), painting updates, fun murals and much needed furniture replacements. Articles of furniture and linens that have been purchased, ordered, and delivered (or out for delivery), include:

  • 9 dining room tables and 18 benches ordered
  • 28 metal bunk beds ordered
  • 18 metal twin beds ordered
  • 37 metal lockers ordered
  • 76 sheet sets purchased
  • 76 towels purchased
  • 62 mattresses purchased
  • 9 metal cabinets, 10 dining tables, 20 dining room benches, 11 metal bunk beds, and 4 metal beds delivered

We are so grateful for the outpouring of support we have graciously received throughout this campaign. We dedicate so much time to the children of Hands and Feet Project, but our funding depends on the generosity of others, and we have been blessed to the utmost! Thank you for your support!