What is Happening in Haiti

“Political Stability and Social Peace Need to Exist Before Development”
Jovenal Moïse

What is Happening in Haiti?

From the beginning, Haiti’s people have been mismanaged and manipulated by more powerful countries. Throughout Haiti’s history, the country has been plagued by corruption, political unrest, and violence while struggling to break free of the ongoing chains of international control, dictatorships, and coups that have kept its people locked in poverty and fear. A breakthrough happened in 1803, when they won their independence from France and became the first Black republic…a celebrated achievement. Since that time, Haitians have had to continue to fight for their rights despite many obstacles.

To truly understand Haiti’s current volatile situation, it is important to know that the most recent President’s assassination is the culmination of decades of fighting for democracy and for the benefits of the Haitian people. Politics, gangs, and businesses are all players in the war over power, control, and wealth; Haiti’s first free election was in 1990, just 30 years ago. The recent assassination of Jovenel Moïse had only created even more fear, confusion, and uncertainty for the people of Haiti, further limiting their opportunities for a better life. However, a little over a week ago, Prime Minister Claude Joseph returned to his former position as Foreign Minister. This allowed Ariel Henry, appointed by President Moise days before his death, to be sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Haiti. He has said, “One of my priority tasks will be to reassure the people that we will do everything to restore order and security.” Ariel Henry’s appointment should pave the way for elections in September. We are hopeful this is the case, and the uncertainty for the people of Haiti will be calmed and their voice restored.

Today, when Haiti is at the forefront of any conversation, words like hope, progress, and change are not far behind. There is needed reform on a large scale regarding corruption, violence, national security and stability, and economic growth. These are societal issues that impact communities, regions, the country, and its connectedness to the international community. Here at Hands and Feet Project, we care about individuals, families, and the community. Any struggle on a large scale directly impacts the lives and futures of each individual Haitian. There is little protection from the decisions of the government on the day-to-day life and the future life of our children. We are praying, navigating this current situation, evaluating the trajectory of the nation, and responding.

We as a ministry are striving to encourage the people we serve and to reach for more…more hope, more joy, more peace, more life, simply more…