Port-au-Prince Gang Activity: A Recent History

Here at Hands & Feet Project, we often communicate about the increase in gang activity in Haiti over the last several years – simply because of the impact that it has directly on the country as a whole, and the trickle down effect that it has on our programming.

We recently discovered this three part video series on the recent history of gang activity in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince (the part of Haiti where gang influence is the most concentrated). Our staff thought this series was helpful in understanding the broader context, so we wanted to pass along this information to the rest of our Hands & Feet Project community. 

We invite you to watch them and partner with us as we pray for peace and an end to the violence.  

If you have specific thoughts or questions after watching these videos, email info@handsandfeetproject.org and a staff member will connect with you to discuss further.