New Children’s Village Administrator, Natacha

We want you to meet Natacha, our new Jacmel Administrator! 

Natacha came to Hands & Feet Project through a recommendation from a local pastor, who has referred several of our exceptional employees. We have cultivated a relationship with this pastor, his church and our children’s experiences at their church camp.  We are grateful for the outpouring of this relationship.

Natacha came to us with an impressive resume. She started as our Little Hands Daycare Administrator; she did amazing work in that role. She soley navigated the opening of our 2020/2021 daycare classes.  Additionally, when our missionaries weren’t on campus to organize Christmas this past year, she jumped right into that role, executed it smoothly, and got all of the gifts to caregivers for the children without a hitch. Natacha is a go-getter. When we tend to be “stuck in the box,” she has the ability to think creatively and get us outside of the “box.” She is attentive to the needs of the team, is a great advocate for our Hands & Feet Project staff and children, and is problem-solver by nature. On top of that, she loves the Lord and is an amazing singer. She has even recorded a few songs! 

We knew that she would be a great fit in whatever position we put her in. We will miss her in the daycare role, but we know she will do very well in her new position as our Jacmel Administrator. Will you pray for her as she transitions into leadership, accepts greater responsibility and advocates for the success of our organization?