Meet Our New Team Member, Peter

On paper, a social worker has many responsibilities. At Hands & Feet Project, our social workers oversee the standards of care and service plans for each child and family, collaborate with the entire childcare staff (from caregivers to spiritual leaders), aid with emergencies and problem solving, and so much more. 

In reality, a social worker has all of those responsibilities, but can only do them through a trusted connection. In Peter’s short time in his role as a Hands & Feet Project social worker at Grand Goave, he has made a great impact.  

If you ask Peter about his vision for Hands & Feet Project, he will tell you it’s all about strengthening the community. He wants to also see children emerge from Hands & Feet Project with independence and plans for their next steps. When he thinks about the future of Haiti, he hopes to see positive change in the status quo. He desires to see every Haitian connected to the resources they need to provide for themselves. 

Peter is best described by his team as being very thorough in his work. Soon after being brought on staff, he was quickly caught up to speed in both developing relationships and understanding systems so that he could make an impact. He is willing to step up in other ways to help the Hands & Feet Project family, too. He is always ready to assist the staff, missionaries, and children outside of his social worker responsibilities.  

When Peter has spare time, you can often find him preparing for his thesis by studying child protection research. Peter also enjoys playing sports. When you ask him what his greatest contribution in life has been so far, he will say it’s been connecting children and families with resources, services, and opportunities. We are grateful for him.  

Please pray for Peter as he continues to serve alongside us and care for the vulnerable in Haiti.