Meet Darbens

God has allowed us to care for and serve incredible children and families. Each day, we see God’s hand in their perseverance, and through the possibilities in their lives that only He can provide. We are excited to share how God has moved in Darbens’ life. We are blessed to share the journey with him.

When Darbens first joined our Hands & Feet Project family as a young child, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. To this day, his smile is irresistible, and his joy is contagious. At first, Darbens had a difficult time accomplishing small tasks due to his physical limitations. During these moments, we saw his character shine. Darbens was bound and determined to pass up every roadblock that was set before him.

Before long, he was sitting up and had become more mobile. He wanted to walk and run like all the other children, and that is exactly what he did. As he grew, he would need more assistance to keep up with the other kids.

Darbens needed his feet to be more mobile, and God provided him with a team of doctors who were able to stretch his ankles giving him the ability to hold his feet up. He was then fitted with his Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO), which are the braces that changed it all for Darbens. Soon, he was up and going full force.

With a new outlook on mobility, there are times when Darbens tells himself he can walk without his braces. While finding support services has been a challenge, he is currently attending physical therapy sessions weekly at a local clinic, CECH. These therapy sessions help Darbens keep his muscles and flexibility in check.

Darbens has never let anything, including his diagnosis, discourage him from confidently making moves in the world. You can count on him to grab your hand for a walk across campus. You can also count on him to never stand down from a Wii dance battle. He understands the true art of fun, and we are abundantly blessed to share our time with him.

Pray that as he grows, his feet, knees and leg muscles will be able to support him. Pray that the Lord would bless his efforts and continue to give him strength and that his overwhelming joy would continue throughout his life.