Letter Writing

Hey Sponsors!

Today we wanted to reach out and provide clarification on the letter-writing process. 

Ready to know more about our letter writing process? Here we go!

In the past, when sponsors wrote letters to their sponsored child, each child would be required to respond on a postcard we provided. We are now transitioning into a new model of letter-writing communication. Below, I explain why.

I love that our sponsors want to connect and relate with the child/ren they sponsor. However, I also want to ensure that our sponsorship program is healthy and actively protects and strengthens healthy attachments for each child and their sponsor.

We are continually working to improve our methods. The new process in our letter writing structure will benefit you as the sponsor and the children in our care.  

Our New Letter Writing Communication Process:

Sponsors are still welcome to send letters to their sponsored child/ren, but instead of a reply, each sponsor will receive two letters in the mail throughout the year from their sponsored child. These letters will include fun articles and information the child wishes to share. 

With this new method of communication, children can now share their gratitude for your support without the vulnerability of a correspondence letter that often takes a very long time for you, the sponsor, to receive. We believe this will help give you a more personal connection without forming unhealthy attachments. 

Further explanation for this change:

Our challenge with the old model was unsustainable workload for the staff, long return times, and we felt there were shortcomings with maintaining healthy attachments. We strive to evaluate our process and make changes that provide the best methods of care to the children. We also want to make sure you, as a sponsor, understand this process and feel informed about why we make such changes.

As your sponsorship program manager, I feel this model will better serve the children and families in our care while giving them more ownership in sharing their gratitude and story.

If you feel you need further clarification, you can contact me directly at dana@handsandfeetproject.org or text/call (615) 314-3347