Little Hands Daycare Update

Children in Haiti are often at-risk of abandonment or trafficking due to financial and societal challenges within their families. It’s important that children are in their family of origin and thriving in their daily environment. At Hands and Feet Project, our vision is to see the whole child develop in an environment of safety and love. One way we provide this support for children and their families is through daycare services. We are excited that the Little Hands Daycare school year has officially begun with our new “Les Petites Mains Garderie” administrator, Natacha Dominique.

As our new Administrator, Natacha is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the mission and vision of the daycare for Hands and Feet Project. At Little Hands Daycare, we create a safe space for the infants and children that are vulnerable in our community. We help awaken their spirit to wonder and help grow their cognitive, emotional, and physical development to its potential.

Natacha is also responsible for evaluating the families that are seeking daily care support. For the 2021-2022 school year, we had over 40 new families looking for daycare assistance. We were able to place 15 children in our daycare, but unfortunately had to say no to 25 families.

Additionally, Natacha is in charge of leading the teachers in the Montessori teaching method. This method includes lesson creation, training, and teacher development. It is the heart of and the unique aspect of Les Petites mains Garderie serving Haiti. We chose Montessori education because it helps children develop independence, a sense of empathy and social justice, and a lifelong love of learning.

Here are some other updates from the Little Hands Daycare this year: 

  • All of our kids in the older daycare went off to school this fall.                                                                      
  • Five of our kids graduated from the younger daycare into the older daycare. 
  • Three new teachers were hired. 
  • A new administrator was hired.
  • Hosted an all day training about investing into our kids and daycare staff. 
  • Interviewed about 40 families that were possibilities for their kids to enter the 15 new slots we had available. 
  • Did a major cleaning of the daycare. 
  • Natacha andDenise, our Project Coordinator in Haiti,  went through the process to determine which family situation had bigger needs for us to accept them in the daycare.      
  • Natacha held a class with the parents of the children to discuss the rules of the daycare and the role the parents play to help make it a positive experience for the kids.
  • All the new kids are attending the daycare and the teachers are doing a great job with them. Natacha is to be a very valuable asset to our daycare, and we are so thankful for her!

Here are some prayer requests concerning the Little Hands Daycare:

Pray for our new administrator, Natacha. She has already been a huge blessing to our community. Pray for her continued compassion and fortitude. Please pray for growth and a successful year, as our daycare is a  part of our Preserving Families Project. We had 40 families interviewed for a daycare slot, but we only had space to place 15 new families. This means 25 families had to be turned away. Please pray for the opportunity to accept more families into the program.

We are excited to see families take the steps needed to remain intact and weather through tough seasons in Haiti. Pray for God’s protection, provision, and promises for each child and family. Be a part of growing this program by visiting our website.