A Message from our Daycare Administrator

I am very thankful for your help keeping the daycare classrooms running five days a week; your donations mean a lot to these children, especially their parents because they can work now and provide for their families.

The Little Hands Daycare Classrooms help to keep families together and not have abandoned children in the community. Because of the expense of everything, these families need to work to support themselves; keeping the child during work time for the parents allows them to work and provide for the family because they don’t have anyone else to watch the child while they are gone.

One day, a parent came to me and said that since the daycare classrooms opened, she could work and pay for her other child’s school and purchase uniforms and books for them. She said this is the best help she has received in her life. We thank you for everything you have done to help these families.

Please pray that God will guide the Haitian government to organize an election soon so people can come to Haiti. We would love for you to meet these beautiful kids and families you’re helping to have a better life. Pray that we can add more children into the Little Hands Daycare Classrooms because so many families are waiting to get their children into our classrooms. Please pray that the teachers and I always have patience, love, and wisdom to better work with and understand the children. Pray for the children to stay healthy so they can attend the classrooms daily.