Easter on Campus

We celebrate that Jesus is our risen Savior every day, but Easter is always a special time for our Hands & Feet Project family. This past Easter, after our children came back from church with their caregivers, we had an afternoon Easter service on campus. The time was filled with praise, prayer, and the preached Word. Tamara led worship, D’Jolande and Naidine followed with a time of Scripture-reading, and  Pastor Jean preached. 

In addition to our afternoon Easter service on campus, Pastor Jean also led the children in a cross demonstration on Good Friday. During this demonstration,  Rood acted as Jesus. Each child wrote their sins on sticky notes, and then placed the sin-filled sticky notes on Rood.  


Once all the notes were placed on Rood, everyone was reminded of what Jesus’ life, death, burial, and resurrection accomplished. That “it is finished.” Pastor Jean then preached about how because of Christ we no longer live in sin. Instead, we live freely in the confidence of Christ. We do not have to make sacrifices anymore. Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for us through his death on the cross. 

As Rood carried the cross up the stairs of the activity center and re-enacted Christ’s crucifixion, sadness and hope co-existed. We are grateful for Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice, and rejoice in what the Gospel means for our lives. We hope you and your family had a beautiful Easter Sunday.