Disruption in Jacmel

Our community of Jacmel, a mountain range away from Port-au-Prince, has mostly been protected from the ongoing violence and gang activities so prevalent in the capital. However, lately, Jacmel is most definitely feeling the impact of the limitation and gang control of resources coming in and out of Port-au-Prince, the skyrocketing inflation, and the lack of government leadership amid long-overdue elections.  


Over the past several weeks, this “tension” — or as we could call it frustration, anger, and injustice — in Haiti has reached our local communities in waves. We are in the fourth week of what we call “lockdowns,” which means we have had no activity in our local community. Most of these weekends, the lockdowns have ended for a day or two to allow us to stock up on supplies before the lockdown begins again. This is not a healthy rhythm for our kids or for the community. 


Disruption can shake a community, but we will continue to put our hope in the Lord. Would you please be praying for these lockdowns to end and peace to be restored to Haiti?