College Scholarship Fund – July 2021

Thank you for supporting our students and their college educations. We believe these students have the capacity to thrive in these environments and grow with the ultimate goal of influencing their family, community, and nation.

These are our students who have been awarded scholarships for the upcoming school year:

In addition to Marvensky and Joel, who are beginning their second year of College Scholarship Fund support as they continue their education in Haiti, Daniella and Mercidieu will begin college in the United States this August.

Daniella and Mercidieu have spent the last two years studying at Grace Christian Academy in Tennessee. We are so grateful for the teachers and school leaders who prepared both of them for success at the next level. We are also grateful for the generosity of both universities, offering full-tuition scholarships for our Hands and Feet Project students based on athletics, academics, and international/intercultural studies.

This is new territory for Hands and Feet Project, as well as Daniella and Mercidieu. Please pray as they make this transition, going a level deeper into the US education system and culture. We will keep you updated over the next several months.

We have six other students who recently graduated Philo, Haiti’s high school equivalent. Two of those students are working on their College Scholarship Fund Applications. We are looking forward to receiving those and keeping you updated.