College Scholarship Fund – August 2021

The College Scholarship Fund provides an option for the students of Haiti to attend university and obtain a college degree, something that would be difficult, if not impossible, for them to do on their own. This incredible opportunity that is given to these students who are awarded scholarships fuels their confidence and gives them the strength they need to pursue a college-level education.

As part of the College Scholarship Fund application process, students write a series of essays. In these essays, students discuss their strengths, why they should be awarded the scholarship, and other relevant information about themselves. One of the scholarship recipients, Daniella Jean Pierre, wrote a particularly stirring essay describing what a scholarship means, not just for her, but for children all over Haiti.

“I believe that I deserve to be selected for your scholarship because I will commit myself to effectively take advantage of the opportunity that the scholarship will provide me. I plan to study social work and eventually work in a role to support the community that I am going to live in. I believe that a good education is a powerful weapon that can change people in my community, my country, and even the world. 

I want to try to connect my passion for education with the desire to help others. I feel like I have worked hard in school. I believe through this scholarship, I will help the people in my community to survive the challenges in their lives, help them get through difficult times, and ensure that children and adults are safe from getting harmed. 

Receiving this scholarship will boost the confidence that I have in myself because even though the people in my country don’t value the importance of earning a college degree, I do. I look forward to qualifying for your scholarship and I respect and value your generous financial support and the opportunity to pursue both the dreams of my life and my education.”


Because of her dedication to her future and her passion for education, Daniella is studying Social Work and Behavioral Health at Kentucky Christian University. Fueled by her growing knowledge, Daniella is on a mission to utilize this gift of education for the good of her family, her community, and the country of Haiti. She is using her education to change the future.