Circle of Care: Spiritual Care

COC Breakdown:

Our team of care-givers and the standard of excellence we strive for is affectionately called our “Circle of Care.” How we implement the Spiritual part of our Circle of Care is through:

  • Weekly devotions and worship services that are being led by local pastors and worship leaders
  • Annual VBS on campus
  • Church camp experiences
  • Prayer and spiritual guidance by our Spiritual Liaisons
  • Christ-centered atmosphere on campus
  • Mentorship within Residential-style homes
  • Pastoral check-ins with those in Family Preservation

Daycare: Walking into our Daycare Program each child is met with the warm faces of our exceptional staff. Here they are cared for by being read Bible stories and told of the goodness of Jesus. Toys are also used to tell and help explain these stories. These toddlers are prayed for and loved well in this safe place that plants seeds and encourages hearts to love Jesus.
Residential Children and Teens: Spiritual care in this program starts with our caregivers. The caregivers create a family environment and take the children in their care to weekly worship services and devotions. They are a constant in each child’s life, and through them and our staff a Christ-centered environment is created. Our Spiritual liaisons provide mentorship within each Residential home, lead devotions, and also host an extra class for those wanting to learn more about Christ.
GAP, ILP, Community, Educational, and Family Preservation support Children and Young Adults:Pastor Check ins are a vital part in how we implement Spiritual care in these programs. This is a time to talk with families or the children and young adults we care for about how things are going and to show the love of Christ through sharing wisdom and encouragement.