Circle of Care: Educational Care

Our team of caregivers and the standard of excellence we strive for is affectionately called our “Circle of Care” (COC). The Circle of Care is at the heart of how Hands and Feet Project serves Haiti. The COC approach is used to ensure the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Educational well-being of every child, adolescent, young adult, and family we serve.

This quarter, we want to tell you more about how we implement the Educational Standards of our Circle of Care. Here are a few different ways we approach education through the COC:

Our primary goals for education are:

Assessing the individual’s abilities and interests, then matching each child with the school or other learning environment where each individual has the ability to reach their God-given potential.

Providing needed resources to supplement the educational path of each child (tutors, computers, books, activities, equipment, experiences, etc).

Providing each child with age and ability appropriate life-skill training and education to assure they develop the skills needed for healthy life transitions.

Providing each individual with skills and opportunities to explore a viable career path that will ultimately lead to independently supporting themself and their future family.

There is tremendous work that goes into our Educational Support. Our Education Advocates diligently work to match our kids with the appropriate learning environment. We also have a multitude of tutors that provide daily lessons in group settings. Our Educational Psychologist creates specialized plans for children with the most need for specialized services and collaborates with our social workers, tutors, and caregivers.