Back-to-School Delays In Haiti

The school season may have started for the United States, but there is a major delay here in Haiti. Fuel and power shortages and community disturbances have caused first-day-of-school disruptions. School typically starts in September, but has been postponed for a month nationwide. Classroom operations, teachers, administrators, and students are feeling the impacts of the wait. 

For our child sponsors, the first-day-of-school delay also means your annual school sponsorship photos will arrive later, too. We appreciate your patience. 

Skyrocketing inflation has been reported to be as high as 30%. Inflation affects the cost of many things, including school supplies, uniforms, and books. ​​Hands & Feet Project recently paid $20 USD for a gallon of gas out of necessity to facilitate an emergency. These prices are out of reach for most Haitian families. 

Disturbances in the streets are widespread. Out of caution for the safety of their children, most families stay in their homes or within the neighborhood. Traveling to schools requires exposure to main roads, public transportation, and large masses of protestors (sometimes peaceful, sometimes violent). 

We need your prayers. Traditional rhythms, such as the beginning of a new school year, are healthy and empowering. Please pray for the children, families, staff, and communities. May we continue to put our hope in the Lord while watching and waiting.