☀️ We are Stronger Together | July

At Hands & Feet Project, we have always valued family. When our organization was first founded in 2004, our purpose was to provide families for children with lost or limited connection to their biological families. In 2013, we added “Fighting to Keep Families Together” to our foundational goals and began our commitment to advocating for family preservation for families who were close to the point of child abandonment. We also began advocating for families who were already separated from their children, but had the capacity to be reunited with them.
While we have previously facilitated child sponsorships for the children in our Preserving Families Project with individual child updates, we are excited to announce that we are moving toward a more family-centric model called Stronger Together! Read below to learn more about our Stronger Together Program and how you can be involved and invest in families in our communities.

We believe the best orphan care strategy starts with keeping families together. There is no better shelter than the love of family.

  • With your help, we can strengthen families to help them stand together and endure trials undivided.

  • Monthly donations help us bring resources directly to families. From covering educational and medical expenses to coordinating social and emotional support, we resource families with what they need to stay together.

  • When you support Stronger Together as a Families Sponsor, you are providing an alternative to child abandonment and strengthening family units in Haiti.

  • As a Families Sponsor, you can expect a monthly email about one of the families we partner with, letter correspondence twice a year from one of our families, and access to the Hands & Feet Project staff with any questions you have.

Will you join us? Become a Families Sponsor by clicking the button below, selecting “Recurring Donation” under “Donate,” and choosing an amount that you would like to invest monthly.