☀️ Job Creation at Our Children’s Village | June

When our young adults transition out of our Children’s Villages, they will walk away with valuable skills. Working hard, developing a good work ethic, and earning wages won’t be new to them because it first happened within our community. At Hands & Feet Project, one way that we prepare our young adults for life outside of our Children’s Village is by creating jobs for them on our campus. It’s a joy for us to see them learn the value of taking initiative to show they are qualified for a job, and then learn how much responsibility it takes to maintain one.

Our youth shine in various roles across our community, from being part-time photographers to creating leather products at Haiti Made. Here is a snapshot.

TiPaul provides an extra set of eyes and hands on campus as a House Assistant. He supports caregivers by overseeing and assisting with afternoon routines. TiPaul also facilitates games and spends downtime with the kids.

Guerdine and Lyvie are our Part-Time Cooks. They help prepare meals for groups. Guerdine and Lyvie also support the cooking for special occasions for Children’s Village staff and children. Lyvie also helps to translate child sponsorship letters as the Letter Translator at our Thozin Children’s Village.

Tamara, Louines, and Stephania help us capture all of the happenings at our Children’s Villages! They are our Part-Time Photographers. These three help to take updated monthly photos of children in our care and capture the moments at special events.

Joel supports our Education Advocate in his role as an Education Assistant. He organizes school supplies and is present at lesson time to make sure that children are in attendance and listening to their tutors. Joel also helps to track kids’ progress throughout the semester.

Louines and Filius work as Resident Advisors. In their role, they oversee the Independent Living Program houses in the Grand Goave community. Louines and Filius help support young adults who are 18 to about 22 as they transition from our Children’s Village and receive guidance on adulthood.

We know we can count on Etzer if there are any campus maintenance issues at our Thozin Children’s Village or IKONDO. He is a Part-Time Maintenance Assistant.

As Depot Manager, Roosvelt organizes all of the goods in the depot and keeps track of inventory. He also distributes food and house supplies to each of the houses on campus.

Thaina and Maudeline support our community as Caregiver Aides. They provide additional support as they live in the girls’ homes four days out of the week. In this role, they help with cooking, cleaning, and caring for the girls in their house.

Adne is our Aquaponics Assistant. He helps to maintain the aquaponics house at our Jacmel Children’s Village. Adne oversees the fish, keeps their basins clean, and also assists in cleaning the large water tanks on top of the aquaponics house.

Gerlande, Valencia, and Nadine are Big House Assistants. Their job is to clean the kitchen daily after staff meals. They also do occasional deep cleans of the Big House kitchen.

Daniella helps in the Thozin office with different office responsibilities, including data entry. She supports our community as an Office Assistant.

Nenes is a part of the Janitorial Staff, and cleans and cares for the offices at our Thozin Children’s Village.

Jean Mary and Colon work at at Haiti Made. They are the faces you will see working hard to create homemade leather goods.

We pray each child feels seen and loved. We are proud of how they are maturing and managing new responsibilities. Please pray each child sees their value in our community. We are grateful for their lives.