☀️ | Exciting News from Hands & Feet Project and Haiti Made

Hands & Feet Project is excited about 2023 and we hope you are, too! One of those reasons is the return of Haiti Made!   Haiti Made is transitioning back under the ownership and leadership of Hands & Feet Project. This marks the end of a great season of growth for the brand, its team, its products and its mission.  However, this is anything but the end for Haiti Made, it is simply a return home.

We hope to offer new opportunities, provide key stability, and above all, help both Haiti Made and Hands & Feet Project execute and fulfill our respective missions. While a lot changed at Haiti Made over the past six years, their operations, their mission, and their story have remained closely tied with Hands & Feet Project. The mission of Haiti Made will remain the same…to be united around quality products, dignified jobs, and economic sustainability in an effort to diminish the poverty cycles in Haiti and to join a real fight against the orphan and child slavery crisis in Haiti. Haiti Made was born out of Hands & Feet Project’s deep desire to see the Haitian people empowered by sustainable and dignified employment as a part of a larger effort to promote economic growth and a fight to keep families together.  We will continue to use Haiti Made to champion the cause of the vulnerable, to stand together with families and to grow our communities.

We see this transition as a natural evolution for Haiti Made and an important return to where the mission started with Hands & Feet Project. As for what’s next at Haiti Made? Our team will remain employed and intact and overall Haiti Made operations will remain much the same for the immediate future. In the medium to long term, there will be exciting new changes at Haiti Made. Will you please join us on the journey?

Andrea McGinniss
Executive Director