Thankful and Grateful

Special Edition Newsletter: What We’re Thankful For

We’ve had a lot of exciting things happen at Hands and Feet Project in the past few months! We thought you would enjoy celebrating these “good news” updates with us. We have much to be thankful for!

This month, ten children at Hands and Feet Project accepted Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior! We are so thankful for the decision that these children have made to let Jesus transform their lives, and for the spiritual leadership in place at Hands and Feet Project that helped guide them through this process.

One of our girls, Stephania, is currently taking baptism classes! The decision to be baptized expresses serious commitment to the Christian faith. We are so proud of Stephania for taking this step!

ALL of our ninth graders passed their ninth grade exam! This is a huge deal. Throughout a child’s education in Haiti, they have to take several significant state exams in order to pass to the next grade (sixth, ninth, and thirteenth grade). The ninth grade exam is a challenging one, and the children at HAFP spent weeks preparing. Go ahead and do a little happy dance for them!

HEI, a group of investors passionate about job creation in Haiti, recently acquired Beyond Borders, a sister artisan company to Haiti Made. We are grateful for their vision for growth and work opportunities for families in Haiti, including remote work spaces for customer service and data/demographic entry representatives. You can check out some of Beyond Border’s beautiful metal artwork by clicking the button below.

Shop Beyond Borders

This fall, our first daycare in Jacmel grew to capacity. We have been blessed to open a second one! We are thankful to have the opportunity to hire four new daycare teachers (pictured above), and for the five families in the community who are already utilizing this new daycare. We are celebrating that this means the parents in these families are able to work during daytime hours while their children are being cared for by our daycare staff!

Last but not least – we are thankful for you! Through the uncertainty of this past year, your investment through encouragement, sponsorships, and prayers has meant the world to us. Thank you for continuing to partner with us. We couldn’t do what we do without YOU!