Heartwarming Interview with the Romulus Family

We would like to introduce you to another one of our Stronger Together families in Jacmel, Haiti. This family embodies what it means to be hopeful, grateful, and happy. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the Romulus family. Meet Yolande and her daughter, Naina, and son, John.


Block 6th


Yolande found herself needing more resources to keep her family together. In October 2021, we began supporting this family. We provide nutritious meals, transportation, education for both children and medical care for Naina, including physical therapy.
On a sunny afternoon in February 2023, we enjoyed sitting outside with them, in the shade, at their family home. Our Preserving Families Lead Advocate, Josue, asked them a few questions to learn more about their lives.


He asked Yolande what her family likes to do together. She answered, “We love playing any kind of game together.” They also cultivate the land they have for a living.


Block 10th


He also asked, “How would you help families in Haiti if you had the resources?” Yolande answered, “We would help the poor just as Hands & Feet Project helps vulnerable families, and we appreciate this.”


You can tell Naina and John have a deep love for their mother. During our interview, Yolande was very comfortable sharing her story with Josue; her children demonstrated their attachment and strong bond with their mother.


The story of the Romulus family serves as a powerful testament to the impact that providing the right resources can play in uplifting vulnerable families. Thanks to the Stronger Together program and the generosity of sponsors such as yourself, this family’s quality of life drastically improved.