Preserving Families

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”  Psalm 73:26

Our recent newsletters have highlighted our four different projects: Preserving Families, Providing Families, Experiencing Missions, and Restoring Survivors. Together, these makeup Hands and Feet Project and provide new ways to make positive impacts for the vulnerable in Haiti. Last month, we took a deep dive into Experiencing Missions, and this month will focus on Preserving Families.

We fight for families. The primary purpose of Preserving Families is to keep children in their biological families. We provide support and guidance through interventions that combat the orphan crisis and abandonment cycles in Haiti in hopes that these families will remain together. Although families are committed to caring for their children, sometimes risks of abandonment caused by societal or financial challenges simply get in the way. Our staff on the ground in Haiti puts their heart and soul into coming alongside and supporting the families in our Family Preservation Program. We rejoice every time a family makes the commitment to stay together.

Our focus areas within the Preserving Families Project include the Crisis Response Fund, Family Preservation and Support Program, Reunification Care and Support Program, and the Staff Support Fund. Each plays a role in giving families as much help and support as possible in many different facets of life! Here’s a glance at what each area entails:

The Crisis Response Fund is designed to raise funds for families in times of crisis. These funds are used towards short-term assistance for families struggling to meet a specific need.

Our Family Preservation and Support Program is designed to help families stay together by providing either short-term or long-term services for high-risk families. Each family is unique, as are the services provided to them. These services can include covering a child’s education expenses, providing food, helping with medical costs, educational training for parents, and providing childcare through our Little Hands Daycare.

In our Reunification Care & Support Program, we work towards reunification for every child when we know it is safe to do so. If there is a chance for reunification, we want to work toward restoring and reintegrating the children in our care back into their home of origin. This program helps provide financial support for a set amount of time and offers full support for the children’s education post-reunification.

Also, under Family Preservation is the Staff Support Fund. The Bearden Family has been connected with the Hands and Feet Project for many years. Their knowledge within the social work field makes them uniquely positioned to work with at-risk children and their families. They create and lead specialized, individual plans for the children we are dedicated to helping, as they work to enhance standards of care and give the children every opportunity to reach their God-given potential!

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