Kids Mission Project

KIDS MISSION PROJECT DVDs feature five, high-energy, inspirational episodes. Each episode will highlight a different story, theme or child living at the Hands and Feet Project’s Children’s Village in Southern Haiti. Young viewers will be taken on an adventure through the eyes of our animated hosts and their new Haitian friends. Each episode wraps up with a challenge to help raise money to provide more homes for children in need. 

KIDS MISSION PROJECT SAVINGS BANKS are for kids to take home and encourage their families to save money to help provide homes for needy children in Haiti. The banks, although small and made out of card stock, provide a fun and informative way for families to make a huge difference in the lives of orphaned and abandoned children. 

Our newest KIDS MISSION PROJECT VIDEO SERIES is KINGS & QUEENS! Inspired by the hit song recorded by Audio Adrenaline, KINGS & QUEENS focuses on helping children in need become part of God’s growing Royal family. You can order your dvd along with the KINGS AND QUEENS Savings Banks today by clicking the dvd cover art. 

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