Our Mission

Our mission is to be the hands and feet of Christ fighting for the cause of vulnerable children, their families, and their communities.

Every day in Haiti, children experience the poverty-driven cycles of neglect, abandonment, trafficking and slavery because families lack access to social services, job stability, medical care and quality education.

Hands & Feet Project is a group of passionate child and family advocates working to break these cycles by fighting to keep families together through support services and job creation, providing family-style homes and caregivers for children in crisis, and restoring survivors of human trafficking.

Since 2004, our organization has provided homes for 123 children, prevented 130 children from experiencing separation from their families, and employed 370 individuals in the community.

We believe God called us to stand for each vulnerable child. You can join us in this work by committing to pray for the strengthening of families, becoming a monthly donor to our Preserving Families Fund or Providing Families Fund, and learning more about the story of how God is working in Haiti by signing up for our monthly newsletter.


Marlene is as sweet as can be. With a kind and loving heart, Marlene is the type of friend that everyone wants to have. When Marlene first came to our Children's Village, we were delighted to see that one of her favorite things to do is play with the other children. Her soft-spoken nature, gentle demeanor, and peaceful spirit are a gift to staff and children alike at our Children's Village.


Like most children his age, Loubens favorite things to do are playing with his friends and eating snacks. Currently, his favorite thing to eat is bread. Whether it's outside under a chakoun or on the front porch with his caregivers, Loubens is happiest surrounded by people who love him.


Marleck is supported by our Community-Based Residential Care Program and lives in Jacmel with his caregiver, Aline, and her family. Marleck has faced his fair share of challenges, as he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and craniosynostosis at a young age, but that’s never stopped him. This sweet boy constantly surprises everyone with his knowledge and determination. Whenever he visits the Jacmel campus, you can always find him playing with his friends and sharing his heartfelt laugh with everyone around him. It’s a joy to love this amazing little boy and watch him overcome any obstacle that comes his way!


Though she is little, Saindy is already fierce in her love for the people around her. You can see this clearly in the way that she giggles and smiles with her siblings and caregivers. Gentle and kind, Saindy is happiest when she is playing with the other children on campus, including her two older sisters, Neissa and Nadège.


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