Experiencing Missions

“O Lord, how manifold are your works!
    In wisdom have you made them all;
    the earth is full of your creatures.
Here is the sea, great and wide,
    which teems with creatures innumerable,
    living things both small and great.”
Psalm 104:24-25 (ESV)
of my heart and my portion forever.”  Psalm 73:26

In last month’s newsletter, we introduced our four Projects: Preserving Families, Providing Families, Experiencing Missions, and Restoring Survivors. These are the pillars of who Hands and Feet Project is as an organization, and each represents the heart and soul of our mission. Over the next four months, we will go into greater detail on each of these Projects. The focus of this newsletter will be on Experiencing Missions. Take a look at the sections below to learn more about Experiencing Missions with Hands and Feet Project.

At Hands and Feet Project, we are Experiencing Missions by working to change the traditional approach to missions and hosting outside job creation initiatives. Experiencing Missions includes all trips to Haiti organized by Hands and Feet Project. There are three categories: IKONDO retreats, Jacmel trips, and internships. 


IKONDO is a private hosting facility owned and operated by Hands and Feet Project. Designed to accommodate visitors on missional experiences, IKONDO strives to create dignified hospitality-based jobs that push against Haiti’s growing orphan and child abandonment crisis. While providing life-changing experiences and adventures for its guests and life-giving jobs for its employees, IKONDO exhibits the broader goal of rekindling Haiti’s stunted tourism industry. ​The heart behind the facility is to exhibit the beauty of Haiti & the vibrant culture of the people. 

Our trips are dedicated to create a more equitable exchange between our guests and our hosts. Although you will have opportunities to serve, you must be willing to be served, as well. Our Haitian hosts want to show you their country’s hospitality, its potential, and its beauty.

Through Experiencing Missions at IKONDO, Hands and Feet Project strives to provide individuals the opportunity to experience all of the beauty that Haiti has to offer through Serving, Exploring, and Retreating. You can learn more about our vision for Serve, Explore, Retreat by clicking the button below.

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We also occasionally host trips at our Jacmel Children’s Village, although those are usually designed around a specific purpose, whether that’s organizing a week of Vacation Bible School during the summer or helping our missionaries prepare for Christmas (for 159 children!) in December. 

As you Experience Missions in Jacmel, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to build life-long relationships with the other trip-goers, meet the children and staff at Hands and Feet Project, and experience life-changing moments throughout the week. In addition to the main project of the trip (VBS or Christmas preparation), you get to take an excursion to our local beach and the Bay of Jacmel. There are opportunities to pour into the local economy with trips to the market, the arts district, souvenir shops and local restaurants! Days end sitting on the porch of the ‘Big House,’ which gives trip-goers time for rest, reflection, and robust conversations about poverty, joy, and how God is at work in Haiti.



Hands and Feet Project also offers intern positions at our Jacmel Children’s Village, as well as at IKONDO whenever we are hosting teams. Interns get the chance to learn mission work firsthand by working alongside Site Directors. At our Jacmel Children’s Village, interns help out in the office, assist in media/marketing projects, and play a huge role in planning summer activities for our kids. At IKONDO, our Mission Guest Village, interns help with the coordination and facilitation of visiting teams.