Ignite Their Future Impact: Back-to-School Fair

Education is a cornerstone of empowerment, offering life-changing opportunities to individuals and communities. In Haiti, where access to education is not easily accessible or free, the journey toward learning is often laden with challenges. The need for tuition fees, essential school supplies, and specific uniforms can pose significant barriers for children aspiring to receive an … Read more

Colon’s Journey with Haiti Made: From Student to Manager

In 2023, while still attending school, I embarked on a journey that would not only shape my career but also my perspective on work, teamwork, and dedication. That journey began when I started working part-time for Haiti Made. Today, as a manager at this remarkable organization, I want to share what working for Haiti Made … Read more

A Journey of Hope and Determination: A Scholarship Recipient’s Story in Haiti

In a world where access to education is often taken for granted, some individuals defy the odds, demonstrating unwavering determination and resilience. Meet one such individual from Haiti, Valencia, a college scholarship recipient who shares her inspiring journey toward higher education. Through a series of questions and answers, we delve into her experiences and aspirations. … Read more

Celebrating Village Values 2023: A Day of Joy, Unity, and Fun

In Jacmel and Grand Goave, Haiti, an all-day event unfolded in 2023 that brought smiles, laughter, and pure joy to the children and caregivers of Hands & Feet Project. This remarkable day was dedicated to celebrating the core values of love, honesty, obedience, and responsibility that define the spirit of our community. Join us on … Read more

New Church Partnership: Partnering With Communities Project

In the ever-evolving landscape of missionary efforts and community development, organizations are continuously seeking innovative ways to create a lasting impact. Hands & Feet Project has taken a bold step in this direction with its new initiative: Partnering with Communities. This project marks a shift in our approach, focusing on collaboration and support for local churches and pastors … Read more

Diving Deeper with God: A Deep Sea Adventure at Vacation Bible School

The sun’s rays pierced through the surface of the water, creating a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow beneath the waves. The mysterious depths of the ocean have long captivated our imagination, just as our journey with God is a continuous exploration of the unknown. At this year’s Vacation Bible School (VBS), the theme was … Read more

The “Why” behind our new Partnering with Communities Project

Hands & Feet Project has a long history with Haiti. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in operation since 2004 – almost 20 years! Throughout these years, we have been involved in the community through service initiatives and special projects. However, I would describe most of these prior efforts as “reactive,” responding to crises … Read more

An Inspiring Interview with the Hilaire Family

On a warm Saturday afternoon in March, we had the honor of sitting with the Hilaire family for an interview outside their home in Haiti. Jean-Marc Hilaire, a single father, and his young son, Juan Marco, are a part of the Stronger Together Program at Hands & Feet Project, which has been helping them since … Read more

Are Churches Generous?

We all probably agree that churches are focused on loving, serving, and going to all nations, but are they generous? Generosity comes in many forms and can be summarized as time, talent, and treasure. As church leaders, can we teach about giving and generosity without modeling it for those in our care? The Bible clearly … Read more

A Message from our Daycare Administrator

I thank the sponsors for their prayers and donations to our Little Hands Daycare Classrooms. In this space, they find love, affection, and security. From the spiritual point of view, we are grateful for your help because the children can hear about Christ within the classrooms. Even if they are small, we believe He will … Read more