☀️ | Exciting News from Hands & Feet Project and Haiti Made

Hands & Feet Project is excited about 2023 and we hope you are, too! One of those reasons is the return of Haiti Made!   Haiti Made is transitioning back under the ownership and leadership of Hands & Feet Project. This marks the end of a great season of growth for the brand, its team, … Read more

☀️ A Year in Review

As we close this year, we are grateful for the opportunity to reflect on God’s promises and provision. He is faithful, and He is with us. Month-by-month, we have celebrated victories, encountered challenges, and worked together to create solutions. By God’s grace, we have continued our programming to care for Haiti’s most vulnerable. In the midst … Read more

Now Open: Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen Updates from Natacha Dominique, Children’s Village Administrator In general, children are afraid of change. If we want to help them understand and be comfortable in changing a habit, we have to think about the best strategy to help them enjoy the transition.  We held our grand opening for our community kitchen on October … Read more

Fuel Updates and the Future

We praise God for victories! As we update our Hands & Feet Project community, we have used blog posts to share how gangs controlled important spaces like ports and fuel terminals. A gang coalition had created barricades, which put a stop to fuel distribution. By God’s grace, Haitian national police officers recently gained full control … Read more

The Gift of Gospel Partners: Discovery Church

How far back in time do we travel when we talk about friendships, relationships, and ministry? I believe the first connection between Discovery Church and Hands & Feet Project happened in 2010. Know Hope Collective, a group of acoustic, worship artists, including Mark Stuart and Will McGinniss, traveled to perform at Discovery Church for a … Read more

☀️ | A Letter from our Chairman of the Board

As we stand With Haiti, we are grateful that your partnership reminds us we are not alone. Inflation has impacted our people, our programming, and the place we call home. We are trusting the Lord and rejoicing for how He has given us the gift of His people. The With Haiti Fund, our year-end initiative, allows … Read more

☀️ | How Current Conditions in Haiti are Impacting our Community

If you’re watching the news, you may only get a glimpse of what’s happening in Haiti. We realize that you might be wondering how the current conditions in Haiti are impacting our Children’s Villages and families in the community. Our Hands & Feet Project team would like to share a personal, real-time perspective. As you … Read more

Stay Tuned: Stand With Haiti

November 1 is a big day!   Watch your inbox — and follow us on social media. We can’t wait to launch our year-end initiative tomorrow!   Each year, our Hands & Feet Project community shows up to support our With Haiti Fund. We hope you will join us this year, too. Stay tuned to learn how … Read more

Supporting Haitian Businesses

‘Tis the season to begin holiday shopping! Stand With Haiti while you shop by supporting Haitian businesses. Start here — and learn more below.  If you are searching for stocking stuffers, we have a sweet suggestion: Askanya’s Bean-To-Bar Chocolate. The chocolate is made in Haiti with local ingredients. It is hand-crafted by women, 100% natural, … Read more

Join The Village, Our Monthly Partnership Program

It’s been said, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Members of The Village are helping us live out this proverb. They give monthly and sacrificially. Their generosity allows us to grow and sustain our four projects: Providing Families, Preserving, Experiencing Missions, and Restoring Survivors.  Will you join The Village today? Whether you give … Read more