Aftercare Communication Update

Psalm 82:4
Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.

Thank you for investing with us throughout the last eight months as we’ve journeyed through the Hands and Feet Project Aftercare Program together. While our Aftercare Program is still one of our priorities as an organization, we are currently limited in what we can do based on the conditions in Haiti.  We explored these conditions in detail in our February newsletter (you can find the link here if you missed it last month).

That being said, we have decided to change our Aftercare newsletter to a quarterly schedule. It is our hope that each newsletter will be full of impactful and engaging information for our supporters. We believe that by sending out updates once a quarter rather than once a month, we will be able to give you a more well-rounded picture of our Aftercare Program, as we reflect on a few months at a time.

As always, please be in prayer for positive momentum for Haiti’s anti-trafficking efforts, Hands and Feet Project’s support efforts and Aftercare Program, the government in Haiti and the various officials and leaders involved in the Aftercare process, as well as the girls who will one day be in our care. Some specific prayer points are to pray for:

  • An increase in the capacity of Haiti’s government authorities to safeguard the welfare of vulnerable and exploited children. Two specific governmental organizations to pray for in this are IBESR (Child Welfare) and BPM (Brigade for the Protection of Minors)
  • Haiti’s Investigative Units, which are responsible for deciding which leads to follow in conducting investigations into human trafficking
  • Darkness to be exposed into the light; for girls to be freed
  • That the right people will be in the right positions, not only in the rescue organization, the local authorities, but also at Hands and Feet Project
  • For resources to be available when they are needed
  • Guidance for the Hands and Feet Project team that will guide girls from rescue to placement in their homes or at HAFP
  • And last but not least…for each girl who will come through our program. Though we don’t know them now, we are waiting with anticipation for the opportunity to know them, show the Father’s love to them, and be a part of each of their stories