A Future Filled with Hope

Jeremiah 29:11 MSG
I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. 

At Hands and Feet Project, our prayer is that we would always “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33). Join us as we practice trusting God that He “has it all planned out” (Jeremiah 29:11). For us, this means trusting God with the plans that He has for the children and families that we serve. Let us practice this trust by surrendering our lives and plans daily to Him, and asking Him to direct each step forward that we take.

Take a look at our October newsletter to see where God has been directing us over the past month.

Community Ambassador Spotlight
The Pipers: Nathan, Luke, Kim, and Scott (left to right)

Our involvement started as a family affair. As soon as Audio Adrenaline worked HAFP into existence, we were in. All of us.

We’ve prayed, we’ve pledged, and we’ve tried to talk to anyone who would listen in our little part of the world. It wasn’t until after two failed attempts to go to Haiti, once in 2007 when our passports arrived three hours after our flight was scheduled to take off, and the second, in 2009 when we missed our flight by 30 minutes because the state championship high school game Nathan was playing in went into overtime. When we finally made it to Haiti in 2012, it was the best experience. To finally put names, faces, and personalities together, it was so joyful to be there in person that it took our hearts to a new level.

We have all made several trips since and can say for certain that God has left His mark on us as a result. Luke has interned in Haiti and Nathan works stateside for Haiti Made. In 2016, Scott and Kim stayed for three weeks. This trip birthed the dream of being a part of Haiti Made and the Mentorship and Transition Program, in which they are now both mentors.

On many of our trips to Haiti, we have ended up tagging along with other mission teams. This has been another gift of our involvement. We’ve met so many of God’s people – really great people! Many of whom have turned into great friends. While it’s been an adventure for our family supporting HAFP, we can’t imagine it not being a part of our lives.

With joy,

The Piper’s

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Transition Conference 2020

On September 25, over thirty young adults from Hands and Feet Project came together to take part in the second annual Transition Conference. The Transition Conference is open to young adults ages 16 and older.  Sessions are designed around the theme of “Finishing the Race,” and give participants practical information and resources as they make plans to transition into independence.

The conference opened with a keynote presentation from Tyler Ring. Ring is a small business owner and elder at Grace Chapel in Franklin, TN. Ring spoke about the dignity of work and the importance of being humble, hungry, and smart in our places of work. Our young adults also got to hear from Cody Hutchins, an entrepreneur and lead product developer at Groove Life in Spring Hill, TN.  Hutchins shared his journey to starting his first business, and participants got the chance to ask questions and receive Hutchins’s feedback on all things entrepreneurship.

Additional sessions included themes such as branding yourself, overcoming challenges, the importance of having a mentor, and God’s purposes and plans.  Other presenters included Hands and Feet Project Executive Director, Andrea McGinniss, and Haiti Made’s Kim and Scott Piper.

At the end of the conference, participants were able to sit down with Hands and Feet Project staff and discuss future plans. Overall, 23 students chose to take next steps into mentorship. The Hands and Feet Project Mentorship Program will encourage and equip our young adults with the skills and tools needed to be successful in the areas of business creation, working for others, or pursuing higher education as they get ready to step out into independence.

We are thankful for the opportunity to walk alongside these young adults as they dream about their future and take their next steps towards independence.

Sponsor a Child

Dream Fund Explanation

What is it? 

The Dream Fund is essentially a savings account created for the benefit and use of young adults aging out of Hands and Feet Project’s Residential Care and Support Program. As guardians of these children, the Board of Directors and our leadership team want to best prepare them for success in their future endeavors.

How is it funded?

Hands and Feet Project saves money each month and sets those funds aside for what we call the “Dream Fund.” That amount is simply determined as a percentage of sponsorship funding each month.  This Fund is managed as one account, not individual accounts specified for each child.

How is it used?

The Dream Fund is used in multiple capacities. It is primarily used to support a young adult’s first year out of Hands and Feet Project’s Independent Living Program. Every child is guaranteed funding and support for their first year in the community. Funds from the Dream Fund help provide furnishings, housing, and food support for that first year.  It is also used to support a child’s reunification into their family, if that is a viable option.  Every circumstance is unique to each family, however this can also include furnishings, housing, and food support. Secondarily to the first year of transition, the Dream Fund is available in an additional capacity to each child that was under Hands and Feet Project’s guardianship (meaning they were a part of our Residential Care and Support Program).

The Dream Fund is facilitated like a grant or scholarship. Each applicant participates in a strategic mentorship period,  where ideas are vetted and an application is produced. These applications are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval, and if approved, funds are awarded. Each Dream Fund Application requires a well-defined plan, character references (pastoral, academic, and personal), and a recommendation from Hands and Feet Project’s leadership. Their Dream Fund idea should be considered a great first step, a seed to be cared for and nurtured, and an investment in both the child and the idea. Hands and Feet Project has already approved the Dream Fund to pay for additional trade based education and apprenticeship, entrepreneurial businesses, and to secure housing for the future. The Dream Fund is not intended to fund College or University Education in either Haiti or the United States.

You can donate directly to the Dream Fund by clicking on the link below, and writing “Dream Fund” in the notes.

Donate to the Dream Fund