2021 Action Statement

Proverbs 19:21
“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”
We recently sent out our 2020 Impact Report! If you missed it, you can find it at this link. We are absolutely grateful for what we have accomplished together through the past year. Now, we are looking forward to how we can impact Haiti in 2021. Will you join us?

In 2021, we are looking forward to establishing new ways to protect the vulnerable in the areas of Providing Families, Preserving Families, Restoring Survivors, and Experiencing Missions.

Providing Families

We are Providing Families through our staff and caregivers for children who have lost or have limited connection to their biological family.

The purpose of Providing Families is to ensure that each child who is under the guardianship of Hands and Feet Project receives high quality care, from the time that they are placed on our campus to the time that they transition into independence and community interdependence.

Providing Families includes support through Residential Care, Residential Care (GAP: Guidance and Preparation for Children 16-17), Community-Based Residential Care, Transitional Care, and Educational Care.

In 2021, we are committing to strengthen our Providing Families programming through:

  1. Supporting Haiti’s Child Protective Services by facilitating training for foster-style caregivers in our communities.
  2. Encouraging and growing Haitian leadership with HAFP’s core values of integrity, perseverance, and faith.
  3. Providing college opportunities for HAFP residential care children who demonstrate academic excellence and high quality character.
  4. Growing the mentorship program capacity by 10% by recruiting mentors and providing additional transition training to young adults.

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Preserving Families
We are Preserving Families by advocating to keep families together.

The purpose of Providing Families is to keep children in their families of origin by providing support and guidance for biological families who are committed to caring for their children, but are at-risk of abandonment or trafficking due to financial and societal challenges. We believe the best option for the long-term care of any child is within a thriving, healthy family.

Preserving Families includes support through Family Preservation (although we provide exceptional, family-style care in a safe and nurturing environment, we view our Children’s Villages as the best, last resort for children in crisis). Preserving Families also includes Reunification Care, in which we celebrate the reunification of children with their biological families.

In 2021, we are committing to strengthen our Preserving Families programming through:

  1. Multiplying the “Les Petites Mains Garderie” or “Little Hands Daycare” model by partnering with local community churches and pastors for local opportunities.
  2. Improving the family visitation and communication process. If the original cause of abandonment has been resolved, pursue potential reunification and provide family and parenting skills training.
  3. Partnering with Haiti’s Child Protective Services to reunify children currently under the care of corrupt orphan care providers.
  4. Growing capacity for this program by 10%.

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Restoring Survivors
We are Restoring Survivors by partnering with anti-trafficking organizations and local authorities on rescue operations, while also providing respite care solutions to those that need placed in an aftercare program.

The purpose of Restoring Survivors is to establish a safe and stable environment for survivors through rescue, restoration, and community reintegration.

Restoring Survivors includes support through our Aftercare Program and our Rescue Support Team.

In 2021, we are committing to strengthen our Restoring Survivors programming through:

  1. Providing restorative care to survivors of human trafficking and exploitation.
  2. Supporting rescue organizations serving Haiti by providing social work staff and assessment tools (primarily done through HAFP’s Rescue Support Team).
  3. Hosting trauma informed care training sessions at IKONDO for anti-trafficking leaders, law enforcement officers, and government forces.
  4. Contributing to the growth of Haiti’s policies and systems for anti-human trafficking.

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Experiencing Missions
We are Experiencing Missions by changing the traditional approach to missions and hosting outside job creation initiatives. Through this, we can share a new vision for Haiti.

The purpose of Experiencing Missions is to provide individuals the opportunity to experience all of the beauty that Haiti has to offer through serving, exploring, and retreating at IKONDO, our mission guest village.

Experiencing Missions includes all trips to Haiti organized by Hands and Feet Project.

In 2021, we are committing to strengthen our Experiencing Missions programming through:

  1. Hosting small “Vision Trips” to Haiti.
  2. Hosting missionary respite weekends, local training sessions, and special events at IKONDO.
  3. Continuing to grow our partnership with Haiti Entrepreneurial Initiative by hosting job creation initiatives at IKONDO.
  4. Evaluating future development of the east side of the IKONDO property, potential to include a chapel, missionary housing, and business cottages in preparation for hosting teams in 2022.

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