A New Way to Do Youth Mission Trips

Overlooking tropical mountains and Caribbean waters, IKONDO hosts families, church groups, and individuals on life-changing mission experiences.  Your trip to IKONDO will include opportunities to serve in Haitian communities, explore amazing destinations and retreat to a hillside village complete with well-appointed accommodations, delicious Haitian and American cuisine, and a safe and secure campus.

IKONDO, Hands and Feet Project's upscale hosting facility, provides up to 40 dignified jobs for our Haitian brothers and sisters and is poised to change the way the Church does traditional mission trips. Join us for a new, more intentional way forward! Come Serve. Come Explore. Come Retreat

SERVE:  Serving is in the DNA of the church. But “how” we serve should be a question that is asked to make sure that we are serving in a healthy, dignified way. At Ikondo, our serve projects that we offer are inspired by the ideal not to take jobs away from our Haitian friends. This allows us to build relationships with the local church and our Haitian neighbors.

EXPLORE:  A short term mission trip is a lot more than just “serving”. At Ikondo, we believe that there is a high value for the teams that visit Haiti to experience the beauty of the country and it’s people. With that, we strive to provide excursions that allow your students to see and feel the pulse of Haitian life along with visiting some of the most breathtaking landscapes that Haiti has to offer!

RETREAT:  So many times our short term mission trips are about “doing” rather than “being”. At Ikondo, we want to give your teams permission to “BE” in the presence of God. We want to facilitate opportunities to sit in a rocking chair or lay in a hammock, unplug from the world and be still. Whether individually or in small groups, we want to provide the space to get away and reflect on the things God is revealing to you on your trip.