THE BRIDGE sponsors help us meet the needs of unsponsored children in our community and children in our care who are under sponsored. Reserved for businesses, foundations, churches and other passionate groups, BRIDGE sponsors aren’t connected to an individual child, but to our entire Childcare Program. 100% of all money raised through THE BRIDGE is dedicated towards our Childcare Program’s most urgent needs.

Bradley Hansen, Mark Stuart, and Chad Krober (pictured left to right)
Bradley Hansen, Mark Stuart, and Chad Krober (pictured left to right)

“After experiencing an overseas service trip with our employer and seeing the impact our company had, we decided to find a partnership that we could invest in long term by using the resources entrusted to us by God. We decided to reach out to Hands & Feet Project, as they focused their work on serving the orphans of Haiti, providing education, and also physical, mental, and emotional care to raise up young people who can make a difference in the next generation of Haiti. As the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere, it was our desire to help find a small way to improve the lives of these children and inspire hope, that they can overcome the challenges they have. We have enjoyed getting to know Mark Stuart and his team, and are excited about continuing our partnership for years to come. We would also challenge any business or medical professional to consider giving out of their abundance and commit to providing a small amount with each client, contract, or patient they serve, and support the work of Hands & Feet, because this ultimately is what we are called to do as believers.”

Chad Krober & Brad Hansen