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Child Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I log into my account? 2020-07-08T19:32:06+00:00

You can log into your Reach account by clicking here.

What makes Hands and Feet Project different from other sponsorship programs?2020-07-24T23:30:24+00:00

The Hands and Feet Project Sponsorship program is different from many child sponsorship programs because of our Circle of Care model. This holistic and comprehensive model of care strives to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of every boy and girl across every program within the Hands and Feet Project organization. These programs include Community Care, Family Preservation, Residential Care, Reunification Care, Transition Care, and Education Only Support. Unlike many sponsorship programs who provide nutritional or education only assistance, our program seeks to provide comprehensive care.

Why are there multiple sponsorship spots per child?2020-07-24T23:30:47+00:00

The simplest answer is that excellent care just costs more! Your sponsorship with Hands and Feet Project also goes beyond feeding and clothing your sponsored child. With multiple sponsorship spots available for each child, we have a greater capacity to meet their individualized needs, as outlined by our Circle of Care.

Can I visit my sponsored child?2020-07-24T23:31:07+00:00

Yes! We have multiple trips running throughout the year.

Can I send gifts?2020-07-24T23:31:56+00:00

While we do not allow sponsors to send direct gifts, we encourage you to write to your sponsored child.

What do I need to know about letter writing? How can I write a letter to my sponsor child? Will they write back? 2020-07-24T23:32:56+00:00

Letter writing is an interactive way that allows you to get to know your sponsored child on a more personal level.While we encourage your sponsored child to write you back, they don’t always feel like it, and that’s okay! We never want a child to feel like they are being forced to do something that they do not want to do. However, know that letter day is a big deal, normally a few “happy dances” are involved upon receiving a letter. Your letters are cherished by your sponsor child!

Hands and Feet Project, Inc.

Attn: Child Name

PO Box 682105

Franklin, TN 37068

The Do’s & Don’ts of Letter Writing:


  • DO include who the letter is intended for on the outside of the letter.


  • DON’T write to a child you do not sponsor.
  • DO include printed photos. While this is not a requirement, the kids adore printed photos of their sponsors.
  • DON’T include promises of coming to see your sponsored child or sending gifts.
  • DO understand that all letters are sent down regularly with our incoming teams, so your letter may take a little longer to reach its destination.
  • DON’T worry about translating the letter. We have an incredible team in Haiti who can translate better than any online translator! Also, many of our kids speak and understand English!



At what age does a child age out of the program and what happens if my sponsor child ages out of the Hands and Feet Project program?2020-07-24T23:33:33+00:00

When our residential children turn 18, per Haiti’s Child Protective Services (IBESR), they are required to move off campus. In an effort to continue to support  them/stay connected with them, we offer them the option to be a part of our transition care and support program until they turn 20. With this, they commit to staying in school (typically Haitians have at least a couple more years of schooling after they turn 18), living with a Resident Assistant (hired by HAFP) in the community, and continuing to abide by HAFP standards. In response, HAFP continues to pay for their schooling and any additional technical classes they’re interested in. HAFP additionally assists the young man or women in finding a job. Historically, many have come back to HAFP to work on our campuses in a variety of roles! This is an incredible opportunity to not only continue to be a support to them, but to also stay connected and in relationship.

If your sponsored child turns 18 and ages out of the residential program, you still have the opportunity to support them in the transition care and support program. You’ll still receive monthly updates, just like you did when they lived on the HAFP campus. If your sponsored child ages out of the transition care and support program at the age of 21, but you still want to stay connected to HAFP, you will have the opportunity to choose another HAFP child to sponsor moving forward.

I am having trouble navigating my account. Where can I get help?2020-07-24T23:35:38+00:00

Check out this video or contact Reach directly at

Will my sponsored child see my messages on Reach?2020-07-24T23:36:00+00:00

Your sponsored child does not directly see your messages in Reach. If you have a message to send them please consider writing your sponsored child a letter.

What is Reach? How do I get email updates from it?2020-07-24T23:36:46+00:00

Reach is our donor management system , as well as the platform that processes all donations. As long as you provide your email address when you sign up for a sponsorship, you’ll receive two emailed updates a month, one child-specific update and one sponsor-exclusive update.

Can I pay for my sponsorship a year in advance?2020-07-24T23:37:43+00:00

You may! Just select “yearly” instead of “monthly” when you’re signing up for your sponsorship.

Can I send in a check to pay for my sponsorship?2020-07-24T23:38:21+00:00

Yes, you can send a check to the address below, with your sponsored child’s name in the memo line.

The Hands and Feet Project 

PO Box 682105

Franklin, TN 37068

Is my sponsorship tax-deductible?2020-07-24T23:38:47+00:00

Yes, your sponsorship is tax-deductible. At the end of every year, our team will email you a Contribution Statement with all donations made to HAFP. You can also download a Contribution Statement directly from your Reach account. If you would like us to mail you a Contribution Statement, just let us know by calling us or emailing

How do I update my contact or financial information? 2020-07-24T23:39:40+00:00

Once you’re logged into your Reach account, to update your contact information look at the left-hand side of your screen and select “Update Profile.” To update your financial information, you’ll see a section that says “Payment Details (Change),” also on the left-hand side of the screen. Just select “Change” and you’ll be set!

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