The Water Carry Challenge is a fundraising event hosted by youth groups across America helping provide clean water in Haiti. For Groups raising a minimum of $3,500, we will send that group’s youth pastor/leader on a trip to Haiti to explore the ministry of the Hands and Feet Project.


Here in America, we often take for granted the luxury of dependable electricity, plumbing, and clean water, while in many places around the world these luxuries don’t exist.

Children in Haiti are required to carry multiple gallons of water up and down mountain trails to help provide their families with their daily water needs. The water, usually collected from springs, wells, and rivers, is often contaminated and may cause dysentery, cholera and other life threatening illnesses.

By taking the Water Carry Challenge (WCC) you will help the Hands and Feet Project provide individual water filters and support clean water distribution efforts within our communities and our Children’s Villages.


  • The Water Carry Challenge (WCC) is a fundraising activity designed for youth groups to help provide clean water in Haiti.

  • The WCC can easily be incorporated in back-to-school programming or as a team building activity at your local church parking lot or at a local school track facility.

  • Participants/Students raise money by gathering pledges based on a dollar amount per gallon for the one mile carry. Students can choose to carry different amounts of water for the one mile walk. Choices include, a one gallon jug, 2 one gallon jugs, or a five gallon bucket.


  • Youth pastor/leader may register below for free to receive digital partner packet including more instructions and resources.

  • Youth pastor/leader chooses a date for the event within the allotted calendar window.

  • Youth pastor/leader organizes and facilitates their own local WCC (Make it fun with music, snacks, water balloons, etc.)

  • Upon completion of WCC, youth pastor/leader gathers all funds through their local church and forwards money raised to Hands and Feet Project via a single check or online donation.

  • Hands and Feet Project will provide a WCC water bottle for each WCC participant.

IKONDO, an upscale hosting facility nestled in the mountains above Grand Goave Haiti, is a Job-Creation, Mission-Tourism initiative powered by the Hands and Feet Project.

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