Join the Tim Tebow Foundation, Academy Mortgage, Convoy of Hope, Rice Bowls, and others in Helping us to “Build the Bridge.”

THE BRIDGE sponsors help us meet the needs of unsponsored children in our community and children in our care who are under sponsored. Reserved for businesses, foundations, churches and other passionate groups, BRIDGE sponsors aren’t connected to an individual child, but to our entire Childcare Program. 100% of all money raised through THE BRIDGE is dedicated towards our Childcare Program’s most urgent needs.

As our Childcare Program continues to grow, we need financial help covering the $300,000 gap between the yearly program costs and the dedicated funds received through our Child Sponsorship Program. BRIDGE funds help ensure the highest level of care for boys and girls in our Children’s Villages and benevolent care for children in our community, focusing on special needs care, emotional care, education, emergency medical needs and so much more.

Here are two examples of how THE BRIDGE changes lives:


Family Preservation & Support

“We were approached for placement of two boys into our care near our site in Grand Goave.  After further investigation, we discovered there were two older female siblings that were getting placed at another location (high risk for trafficking).  In our advocacy to keep the sibling group intact (and potentially protect the older girls), we found out that they have a vast family in another part of Haiti, Leogane.  That is part of the blessing and the struggle, as they couldn’t care for everyone.  These four siblings were abandoned by their father(s) and their mother, and the family felt they needed to release them into government care. However, in the tragedy, there is a heroin!
Meet Esperancia, age 14, and her younger brothers Herby and Steeve.  Esperancia sells popcorn on the streets to save money to pay for school.  She made enough to pay for her and one sibling to attend school. However, there wasn’t enough to pay for tuition and school supplies for her 9 year old brother. Esperancia is simply asking for a stable and protective home and her second brother to go to school.  We are coming alongside her, her brothers, and their extended family to provide housing, schooling and a stable food source. The funding that comes through the Bridge is one of the primary reasons that it is possible for Hands and Feet Project to provide this financial support.”


Community Based Residential Care Program


“In early 2020, Hands and Feet Project was approached for placement of four children by IBESR (Haiti’s Social Services) into our care in Jacmel. These children, previously released from an orphanage closing their doors, were being cared for by one of their previous staff members. The burden became too great for their family, and they began to seek replacement into another facility…the Hands and Feet Project. The couple seemed to want what is best for the kids. They have been serving for two years, but simply didn’t have the capacity to offer consistent food and schooling options. Hands and Feet Project hired both the wife (wash lady) and the husband (boys mentor) for work at our Village. We also placed the four children into our Community Based Residential Care Program. These kids have started school, have a consistent and secure food source, and a Godly example of family in the precious couple caring for them. We are grateful to serve this family.”

As our monthly, individual sponsorships continue to increase, funding provided by THE BRIDGE will shift towards caring for the children and families in crisis in our communities.


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