Our Christ-centered purpose is to provide family-style, residential care and sustainable solutions that fight against Haiti’s orphan crisis. The Hands and Feet Project Circle of Care is a comprehensive model that meets the physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of every boy and girl under our care. This model has set a standard of excellence for our teams as we approach all aspects of our work and strive to live out our mission.

  • Physical needs are met through: regular medical visits, proper nutrition, and basic needs (clothing, safe housing)
  • Emotional needs are met through: mental health specialists who equip children with helpful tools for well-being and are available 24/7 for children under our care. Additionally, Hands and Feet Project partners with a team of highly skilled individuals who have helped create a training curriculum for our staff.
  • Spiritual needs are met through: attending church, worship, and bible studies with caregivers and housemates every week.
  • Educational needs are met through: individualized education plans  created based on each child’s needs and talents; mandatory tutoring during the school year and summer to upkeep educational excellence.