Letter writing is an interactive way that allows you to get to know your sponsored child on a more personal level.While we encourage your sponsored child to write you back, they don’t always feel like it, and that’s okay! We never want a child to feel like they are being forced to do something that they do not want to do. However, know that letter day is a big deal, normally a few “happy dances” are involved upon receiving a letter. Your letters are cherished by your sponsor child!

Hands and Feet Project, Inc.

Attn: Child Name

PO Box 682105

Franklin, TN 37068

The Do’s & Don’ts of Letter Writing:


  • DO include who the letter is intended for on the outside of the letter.


  • DON’T write to a child you do not sponsor.
  • DO include printed photos. While this is not a requirement, the kids adore printed photos of their sponsors.
  • DON’T include promises of coming to see your sponsored child or sending gifts.
  • DO understand that all letters are sent down regularly with our incoming teams, so your letter may take a little longer to reach its destination.
  • DON’T worry about translating the letter. We have an incredible team in Haiti who can translate better than any online translator! Also, many of our kids speak and understand English!