When our residential children turn 18, per Haiti’s Child Protective Services (IBESR), they are required to move off campus. In an effort to continue to support  them/stay connected with them, we offer them the option to be a part of our transition care and support program until they turn 20. With this, they commit to staying in school (typically Haitians have at least a couple more years of schooling after they turn 18), living with a Resident Assistant (hired by HAFP) in the community, and continuing to abide by HAFP standards. In response, HAFP continues to pay for their schooling and any additional technical classes they’re interested in. HAFP additionally assists the young man or women in finding a job. Historically, many have come back to HAFP to work on our campuses in a variety of roles! This is an incredible opportunity to not only continue to be a support to them, but to also stay connected and in relationship.

If your sponsored child turns 18 and ages out of the residential program, you still have the opportunity to support them in the transition care and support program. You’ll still receive monthly updates, just like you did when they lived on the HAFP campus. If your sponsored child ages out of the transition care and support program at the age of 21, but you still want to stay connected to HAFP, you will have the opportunity to choose another HAFP child to sponsor moving forward.