Matthew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations

Few places in the world are as different as Canon City, Colorado and Grand Goave, Haiti. Few people in the world would be suited to live in both. Yet for Jerry and Christina Vinnola, the transition from one to the other is not a far-fetched possibility, but a singular reality.

Jerry spent five weeks helping with construction at Hands and Feet Project’s Ikondo site.  He and his wife, Christina, came back a few months later.  They left feeling the impact of all they had seen and heard. Neither one of them could shake what God had begun,  that without question God began to place on Jerry's heart all the needs there,  their time in Haiti wasn’t supposed to end with the construction projects.

 “Matthew 4:20 says, ‘Immediately they left their nets and followed him.’ We want to be obedient to the call like that. We feel the Lord calling us to Haiti and we are ready to follow,” Christina says.

Then they put down their nets.

After owning their own businesses for the past 23+ years, their experience in the workplace equips the Vinnola’s to be a vital part of Hands and Feet’s team. Jerry, a jack of all trades, and Christina, a recycling specialist, are used to using their hands in their professions. God has called them to an entirely new way of being His hands and feet.

With their children grown, including Jerry's youngest daughter who was a missionary in Costa Rica, they are armed with inspiration from the Lord, the Haitian people and their own family.

“Once we left the airport and saw the raw Port-Au-Prince, I saw hope,” Christina says, “In a repressed area, we saw joy like we had never seen before. We have a desire to go, not to fix, but to serve alongside Hands and Feet and the people of Haiti.”

Now, the Vinnola’s are ready to jump into whatever God has for them in this next season - a season without reservation to make known the word's of our Lord and savior. To use ALL the gifts and talents the Lord has blessed them with.

For His Glory...