“We really felt like we could serve as an entire family, side by side, at the Hands and Feet orphanage in Haiti. It was then that we realized that God has uniquely equipped us to serve full time in Haiti.”

Andrew and I met at the college ministry at our church in SC. Knowing that God was leading us both to the mission field, we got married in July of 2009 and began seeking where He would want us to serve full time. While pursuing other ministry opportunities, a series of God-orchestrated events were placed before us. We quickly felt God opening a door for us and leading us to serve with the Hands and Feet Project in Haiti full time. God blessed us with our little daughter, Faith, in January of 2011. As a family, we are really excited about being able to minister to the 31 kids at the Grand Goave Children’s Village.

We at hands and feet are so thankful to have the Sutton family on our team. Andrew, Angie and Faith are a testimony of what courage and selflessness looks like. Andrew, a pilot, and Angie, a nurse, are an answer to prayer for our organization.

Please prayerfully consider sponsoring the Sutton family today.

To learn more about the Sutton’s visit… http://www.thesuttoncrew.com